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Kaitlyn’s Promise Awareness Bracelets

We are accepting donations for these awareness bracelets for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost is that we hope that it will make the kids remember Kaitlyn’s Promise and get to an adult if they have a friend that is in trouble.

We are also raising money in the hopes that we can have enough to award three scholarships next year to teens who have turned their lives around

because of what happened to our family and to keep Kaitlyn’s Promise.

It is our dream to see Kaitlyn’s Promise become an affordable place where families can reach out for help if someone they love has a drug problem.

We realize that this is a HUGE dream to have but I believe that we can do this and make what happened to Kaitlyn make some sense to us.

To send for your free Kaitlyn’s Promise orange awareness bracelets, email us at or to


Cheri Vallery

Forever Mom to Jeremy and Kaitlyn

**Email your photos to wearing your Kaitlyn’s Promise awareness bracelets and we’ll post them on the Photos page**